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Life is art.

Artist Statement

Artistic creation provides me an outlet, a catalyst for change, and a way to cope. I use it to analyze my personal experience, as well as to mark major transitions in my life. Using art as my vehicle, I step beyond comfort zones I've created for myself. My art is reflective of my own life events and constructed realities. I continuously challenge myself with new concepts, materials, and methods.

Art is important for society. Artists are creative individuals who live outside, looking inward, always reflecting their own image within the societal structure in which they are expected to participate. I believe that something occurs within an individual's lifetime which allows the true artist within to break free, to start seeing things differently or reject past beliefs. This change is a key component necessary for art to continue to evolve and impact society. Without new visions, there are no possibilities for new growth.

My art allows me to move forward. It helps me to learn and grow from life experience. By visually representing the way I think about different situations in my life, I give the viewer insight into my world and free myself to communicate a consciousness that only I inherently possess within my own mind. With my art, I strive to understand myself, the essence of who I am. I feel that my art invites the viewer to participate in the journey, the journey which is my life.