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Art as My Vehicle #1
13 Days Without a Cigarette
How I Quit Smoking


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Having lost my voice twice in a one-month span caused me to take closer note of the effects of my pack-a-day smoking habit. I knew it was the time to take action and quit. My motivation came from creating a set of guidelines for completing a piece of artwork. I began by replacing cigarettes with chewing gum for thirteen days, the number chosen because of its unlucky connotations and an irony to the goal I set out to attain. I framed the chewed pieces of gum and sculpted enlarged, three-dimensional replicas of each piece out of clay. Oddly enough, the finished ceramic pieces resembled tumors. The finished work hung one year from the day I had begun, marking my success. I have not smoked a cigarette now for nine years with the belief that, if I were to give in to the temptation, the art piece would cease to exist.

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