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Art as My Vehicle #4
Before and After
Taking Myself More Seriously

2003 - 2005

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Before and After took two years to complete. I had become fed up with the way my diet, weight, and activity level made me feel. In March 2003, I vowed to make very basic, but permanent changes in my life and became more active. I cut out sugary sodas, juices, and candy. Low-nutrition, high-carbohydrate breads and pastas were replaced with whole grain versions. Excessive portion sizes were reduced. Most of all, something I feel was the largest key, I ensured proper daily water consumption. I eventually lost one quarter of my overall body weight and have successfully maintained the loss for five years. I hung the life-sized, bikini-clad before and after photos of myself at the piece's completion as part of a larger installation in March 2005. Knowing these images would be on display motivated me to assume and maintain the healthy habits.

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