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Distracted, Disengaged, Disarmed, and Diffused


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Perceived necessities in my life, which include, but are not limited to, a house, a car, a cell phone and a computer with internet access, have locked me into a pace of life that creates a constant struggle to maintain. I am part of a generation that grew up with personal computers. I long for a slower pace of life though, at the same time, I find myself unwilling to submit to one. As an active participant in my society, it is not a question if I am going to have technological distractions, but how many I will allow to enter my life.

Living in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania during my youth, I was constantly reminded of the Revolutionary War through battle reenactments that would occur every year in my backyard. The nearby city of Philadelphia was the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and is where the Liberty Bell, a symbol of freedom, resides. A fascination with the idea of bells and chimes not being able to make noise has developed in my adulthood.  I feel that every human has the ability to stand up and make change. However, I see how I can be inhibited due to the number of pursuits that vie for my attention and limit the time and means to effectively protest. A great deal of white noise exists in the world, making it hard to choose what to listen to and what to advocate.

Distracted, Disengaged, Disarmed, and Diffused is a piece that acknowledges the possible limitations created within a free and technologically dependent society where Facebook is more often employed than face time. The ergonomic chair aids posture while sitting in front of a desk for prolonged periods of time interacting on social networks, emailing, working, and seeking personal interests. Each bell represents the individual, with no two being exactly alike. The magazine and catalogue pages stuffed into the bells contain a wide variety of products and information, the monthly and seasonal inundation of the latest lifestyle choices that can be pursued to define one's individuality. I am currently working on fabric, plaster, and ceramic bells, which all have been, in a sense, muted.